2 Basketball Pros Reveal How They Can Add 15 Inches To Anyone’s Jump

Abstract: Justin ‘Jus Fly' Darlington (world's highest dunker) and Adam Folker (pro baller) have released their secrets in a program they've used to add 32 inches in total to their vertical jumps. Rated #1 in Sports, and #1 in Sports/Training. Active Jan 2014.

Wanna dunk like Jordan?

Pro baller Adam Folker and the world's most badass dunker Justin Darlington have just revealed the exact process they use to systematically transform ordinary guys into dunking BEASTS with the precision of a Swiss watch.

jump higher

From barely touching the net to dunking two handed!

Here's one of their students, Nick Olexa and what he had to say about it:

“I googled vertical jump programs and spent well over $200 trying to achieve my childhood dream to dunk in a game and none worked!

For some reason I googled California colleges and came across UC Irvine and Adam Folker's workouts.

I said it never hurts to try so I bought it and after 1 week my vertical increased 4 inches and I could dunk 1 handed. After 4 weeks I gained almost 7 inches and could barely dunk 2 hands.

After finishing the Vert Shock Program I gained 12 inches and bam I'm dunking 2 hands. Thanks to Adam and Folkersystem I achieved my dream.”

Check out the insane dunks on this video, and how you too can pile on the inches to your vertical leap.

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