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Belly Dancing Course – Rated #1

Abstract: Ranked #1 (currently) in Media/Dance, longstanding (since Feb 22, 2013), 3 different teachers – 5 dance styles (Including American Cabaret),  music, and over 50 videos of dance moves and instruction. Includes free lifetime membership.

Covers clothing, music… Dancing Moves, Combinations, Layers & Techniques
Includes A Great Selection Of Belly Dance Music & Rhythms

Rhythmic Hip and Rotations belly3
Shimmy, Shiver and Twists
Camel Rocks, Forward and Back Steps
Figure Eights and Pelvic Tilts
Undulations & Torso Rotation
Belly dance Percussive Hipwork

Combining Footwork with Hipwork
Upper Body Moves and Accents
Combining Fluid Hipwork and Upper Body Accents
Easy Hipwork Combinations
Challenging Hipwork Combinations
Challenging Fluid Movements
& So Much More!

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