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Emergency Preparedness Survival Guide 2015

Dorian Greer
Written by Dorian Greer

This survival guide and checklist is designed for real life emergency preparedness against natural and man-made disasters. The recommendations and items here are among the highest rated. They are based on practical crisis experience from rescue personnel and from survivors who lived to tell their story about what you really need in a catastrophic, emergency, or lawless situation.

cover_2015aThis guide is intended to provide you with the right type of information that can help you stay safe during a major catastrophe or where disorganization and general lawlessness is, or is about to prevail. Its foremost purpose is to get you safely back home or to your next safe destination.

It covers the most up to date tools and methods designed to put your safety on automatic pilot no matter where you are. It covers not just survival gear, but why and where to place them. It covers emergency preparedness for when the situation is about to become lawless and you're not sure where you parked your car. It covers protection against hostile authority and why the police should be avoided in certain situations.

It covers how to maintain protection against electronic surveillance and seizure, from hackers or from the government. It covers how to find which disasters your state is most vulnerable to; and how to protect your family in advance. It covers lethal and non lethal defense, when the situation has gone lawless. It covers how to escape, when leaving town is the only option.

It prepares against real life disasters, from wildfires to flooding, to terrorist attacks and more. It sticks with the practical and warns against the fads.

I believe this is among the most comprehensive survival guides you will ever read. This is not a treatise for living in the boonies on rodents and berries in a post apocalyptic scenario. Rather, it is a strong foundation for preparing your ultimate survival plan specifically designed to keep you and your family safe from real life major disasters. If you are responsible for the safety of your family, this emergency preparedness survival guide is exactly what you need. But the decision is entirely yours.

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Dorian Greer

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Dorian Greer

Dorian Greer

Dorian Greer is a Truth Seeker, freedom loving, philosophical romantic by day; a lucid dream chaser, spiritual warrior by night. Three things Learned: Impermanence energizes. The greatest force in the universe is Inertia. And, people are driven by the direction of their imagination, for better OR for worse.