Adult Relationship Building

How DISGUSTING Guys Get Gorgeous Women!

Abstract: This is rare and awesome (but for ADULTS ONLY). Teaches men the language of “turning on” sexual desires in women. These are NOT pick-up lines, but conversational styles that pique the sexual interests of women. Ranked #7 in Self Help, #3 in Relationships. 95% referred; Active May 2015.

talk dirtyHow To Get A Good Girl To Talk Dirty, And “Turn-On” Her Emotional G-Spot

Quick question for you… What's WAY more important to getting a girl to want to sleep with you than the size of your dick?

HINT: It's not your WALLET, it's not your “Confidence,” it's not your ABS.

It's your ______________ and what you do with it.

Can you fill in the blank?

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In this video, Lawrence Lanoff reveals a secret psychological trick you can use to give a girl a quivering, sweating, toe-curling, glass SHATTERING orgasm without even touching her . . . (even if you've never given a girl a real orgasm BY touching her in your whole life.)

P.S. Once you learn this method of accessing her “Emotional G-Spot” you'll be shocked at how women change their whole attitude towards you . . .

It's like having weird Jedi sex powers over women.

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