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3 Naughty Phrases that Make Men Crave You With Desire

Abstract: Highest converting relationship offer ever; 96% Referred; Active Sep 22, 2014.

What's In It For You?

Here’s a thin slice of what’s in store for the woman who wants to be the ONLY one “he wants” above all others, without a shred of doubt. It speaks straight to perhaps the greatest insecurity almost ALL men have. It is this: ALL men love to have (NEED to have) their sexual prowess validated.

“When you say these phrases, it’s like you’ve crawled right into his sexual imagination.”

Watch what happens when you use these phrases on your man:

“You feel so … “ – filling in the blank with any kind of adjective, like: hard, amazing, huge, fantastic, awesome, incredible, etc. Add the occasional f-word for a more explicit effect. You can probably lie and get away with it, but if you stick to what's true, it'll sink right in and give his libido something it craves for. Do this during intercourse, and it'll validate his greatest desire about what he wants to be to his woman (you). In this program, you'll learn the language of desire and how to give him what he can only get from you.

“Don't stop!” … Or, really any command that validates what he does right! Commands like: harder, yeah – just like that, give it to me, etc. Again, adding the occasional curse words and explicit language, and watch his lust for you soar. It gives his ego confidence and more importantly, it guides the action the way YOU want it! It shows him you are enjoying it too; what you enjoy, how, and how much.

“Men say the number one thing they love during sex is an enthusiastic partner!”

“I'm so turned on by you.” … And similar phrases spoken outside the bedroom speaks to his ability to arouse you. It's unrealistic to be ready 100% of the time, 24/7, and he knows that. But being thought of in a sexual manner outside the bedroom makes his ego feel like a million bucks.

And when you learn these phrases you'll experience something else, too. Something more subtle that's going on that works in your favor whether you realize it or not. Something you didn't have before… engagement!

But what about engagement in such a way that makes men crave you WITHOUT already having a relationship between you? In fact, what if he doesn't know you from “the man in the moon?”


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