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Dorian Greer
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Abstract: Faster than a phone call or text message, for mobile phones, tablet or desktop, (no software setup needed), Glympse is a simple yet private way to share your GPS (stationary or moving) location, in real time, and for a specified time, with only people you trust. Shared locations can be for individuals or for groups, like family, or friends. Includes estimated time of arrival based on speed, all superimposed on a Google Maps background.

Set a duration, pick a destination, choose the recipients and hit send.

Important Urban Safety

What it does: Of your choosing, it shows certain people in real time a map location of where you are. It can be shown to a single person or to a group of people.

Why it’s Important

You’re getting off late from work, its dark, and want to keep your spouse posted on where you are in relationship to your progress towards home. The Glympse application shows a real-time map location of your current position, speed, and ETA as you make progress.

Glympses can be shared with anyone where there is a GPS and a data connection. This means anyone of your choosing with a connected tablet/computer or smartphone can monitor your progress or location. The recipient need not have the Glympse application. And the location link can be set to expire at the sender’s discretion, i.e. after a time interval or upon arrival.

The Glympse application keeps others aware of where you are.

Group mode

Creating a favorites list makes it easy to send a frequent or specialized Glympse to a set group of people. One of your first lists should be your group of ICE (in case of emergency) contacts or your group-1 family of contacts. If during an emergency you need to find everybody in your party, i.e. your evacuation group, the group mode shows you in real time everyone’s location along with their progress.

During an emergency there is one group of people that you want to contact directly. This group consists of those under your immediate care or concern, such as spouse, children, and whoever will be with you should you have to evacuate or corral quickly.

Any modern smart phone will be able to create such a list for broadcast messaging. What Glympse offers is a real-time map location of WHERE every member is located, including estimated time of arrival (ETA) to a given location (i.e. home, safe haven, or an on the fly meeting point). And you can physically see their location on a (Google) map as they progress.

This also means that if you have to go and get someone, you’ll know where they are and how to get to them.

Older People

Glympse is particularly relevant to older people; to each other, and to concerned loved ones. It allows them to find each other. And it allows you to find them; and it allows you to monitor their progress when you are concerned about their whereabouts. If they have a smart phone, adding Glympse to their set of applications, and making sure they know how to use it, is wonderfully reassuring for both of you.

How to use Glympse

This example will be with an Android based Galaxy S4.

1. Tap Send Glympse from the bottom of the Main app screen or from the menu of the Map screen.



2. Tap “Select Recipients” to determine who to send the Glympse to. This could be to a single person, a group of people or a favorites list. Then set the optional fields: the timer, the “Saying” which is what message you want to send them along with the Glympse. And then the “Going to” destination.


3. Tap Send


From the Menu

There are other options you can perform from the menu including requesting a Glympse from someone, create groups, display “car mode” for map tracking locations of routes, and so forth.


And you can configure to share your information in a variety of ways and with third party apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, etc. I simply use my contacts messaging as there is no need to log on to other apps to use Glympse. If they are in your contacts list, you can send them a Glympse (at least with Verizon; not sure about others at this stage).


Just preset your preferences and off you go.

Keep your loved ones at arms’ length no matter where they are. I consider the Glympse app to be an important urban survival tool. It’s a jungle out there. Tame it.


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